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  • May, 2022

    KCS Community,

    Greetings everyone, we hope you are all doing well!  We are sharing updates and great happenings for KCS as we move through the month of May.  As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

    First, May is yet another month that is full of opportunities for recognition!  In fact, May is the month that we are able to recognize all of our teachers!  We recently celebrated “Teacher Appreciation Week'' and “Principal Appreciation Day.” Soon, we will be recognizing our school nurses as part of “School Nurse Appreciation Day.”  We are grateful for our teachers, principals and school nurses.  All three of these groups have had tremendous challenges over the past couple of years.  We should all be proud of their work.  

    In our May Board of Education meeting, we were happy to recognize students and staff members from A.L. Brown High School, and A.L. Brown High School teacher Mike Wolford as our Hilbish teacher-of-the-month.  

    As a reminder, the KCS BoE voted to continue optional masking through at least the next board meeting on June 13, 2022.  Optional masking is for all school campuses for students, staff and visitors; and, also includes all KCS transportation.  We continue to be grateful for how low our COVID-positive cases have been since our shift to optional masking three months ago.  Although we have seen an increase in local cases, we have fortunately been able to continue with a very low number of KCS cases.  

    Next, please remember that kindergarten registration and bus ridership registration (for returning students) continue to be available on the KCS website and social media pages.  Further, please be on the lookout for communication from schools regarding testing and end-of-year information.  

    Finally, as a reminder for upcoming dates, May 17th is a teacher workday (no school for students), May 30th is a holiday (KCS is closed), and the last day of school is June 8th.  

    KCS community, all of you are a part of what we do to help each of our students become successful.  Please stay informed, stay involved and let us know what we can do to help support you.



    Kevin Garay