FAQ - Let's talk about Spam

What is spam?
What was considered junkmail in the world of snail mail is called spam in the sphere of electronic mail.  KCS email is filtered for unwanted messages but there is a tricky balance between setting the filters too strict, which will snag some messages that you really want to keep and setting it too lenient, which allows electronic junkmail to slide through the filters.  Suspected junk mail messages are sent to your spam folder.  As you deliver or block messages, your email filter will become more accurate and fewer 'real' messages will be captured by the filter.  

How do I set up my own spam filters?
Yes.  Here are directions for using filters with KCS mail.  You can also move the email to the Spam folder yourself by selecting the folder icon and then selecting SPAM.

I got an email from my own address and I didn't send it. What's going on?

Many spammers use software applications to generate random lists of email addresses at common domains, based on words in the dictionary. Spammers then use these lists to send illegal mass mailings. This practice is called 'dictionary spamming.' Many of the addresses randomly generated by dictionary spammers are invalid. If a spammer spoofs your KCS email address to send dictionary spam, you will likely receive reports of delivery failures, which appear to be replies to message sent from your address.

You can help stop spammers by sending the full headers of unlawful messages to the Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov.
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