Printer Problems

If your Printer is not Printing, do these in order:

  • Check that the printer is plugged in
  • Check that it is receiving power
  • Check that it's turned on
  • Make sure the printer you THINK you're printing to is actually the one that is chosen - you may have already printed 100 copies at a networked printer down the hall!
  • If there are flashing lights on the printer indicating an error message, complete a workorder and include the flashing light pattern in your description.
  • If it's a stand-alone printer connected to your PC, make sure the printer to computer cable is firmly attached.
  • If it's a networked printer, make sure the network cable is secure and the printer is online
  • Try swapping the printer cable with another printer cable to see if the cable is bad
  • If reams of paper are coming through the printer blank or with several random characters on each page, you may need a different driver loaded.  Complete a workorder.  
  • If the correct number of pages are coming through the printer blank or with faint text, replace your ink or toner cartridge
  • Turn the printer off, count to ten, then do the following steps.
    • turn off the the computer
    • restart the printer
    • restart the computer
    • try to print again.  If it is still not working complete a workorder.

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