Posted on 05/23/2016
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KCS is excited to announce that it will launch three new magnet programs beginning in August of 2017. The programs will be located at G.W. Carver Elementary School and Fred L. Wilson Elementary School. The school board approved the new magnet schools at its meeting on May 23rd. 

Magnet schools offer special courses or programs and are open to students from across the school district. After visiting other magnet programs and getting input from parents, community, and staff, KCS has chosen the following three magnet programs to begin in 2017:  

  • A+ Arts Academy 


  • Global Studies Magnet Program 


  • Splash Spanish Language Immersion Program 


See below for additional information.

A+ Arts Academy Magnet Program

(This program will be located at G.W. Carver Elementary School)


  • The A+ Arts Academy will offer dance, music, art, and theater. The arts will be folded into the teaching of reading, math, social studies, science, and all subjects at the school.  
  • The school will create partnerships with the Cabarrus Arts Council as well as local artists, theatres, and museums. The partnerships will expand students’ learning and arts experiences.
  • Students will be well prepared to grow their artistic talents through the programs that are in place at A.L. Brown High School and through the arts programs that will be created at Kannapolis Middle School by 2017.
  • Students in other A+ Arts programs in NC have excelled in all subject areas and have outperformed students in other schools on state tests in reading, math, and science.


Global Network Magnet Program

(This program will be located at Fred L. Wilson Elementary School)


  • At this magnet school, each grade level will focus on a particular country or continent. The culture and history of that country will be folded into the regular KCS curriculum. 
  • Global Network magnet programs give students information about the world in a way that folds it into everyday learning.
  • This magnet program prepares students to be successful in a global, multicultural economy.
  • Other Global Network magnet schools have experienced increased academic growth for their students after starting a global magnet program.


Splash Spanish Language Immersion Program

(This program will be located at Fred L. Wilson Elementary School)


  • Students in this program learn all subjects in English and Spanish.
  • When students complete the program in fifth grade, they are eligible to take high school level Spanish courses while they are still in middle school. By the time they graduate from high school, they can become fully certified translators and be eligible for high paying jobs in the workforce. 
  • This program will be phased in over several years. The first year, only kindergarten students will be included because older students will not have the background necessary to join the program and learn all their subjects in two languages. The second year, rising first graders will continue in the program, and a new class of kindergartners will be added. The third year, rising first and second graders will continue in the program and will be joined by a new class of kindergarten students. This pattern will continue until all grade levels are participating in the program.
  • This program has been successful in improving academic achievement for all students. Other schools that have Spanish language immersion programs have outperformed traditional schools in all subjects on state tests. 


Magnet Schools

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


How will students be chosen to attend the magnet schools?

  • The programs at both magnet schools (G.W. Carver and Fred L. Wilson) will be open to elementary students that live in any attendance zone in Kannapolis City Schools.  
  • Students that live within each magnet school’s attendance zone will be admitted automatically. 
  • If there is additional room available at the magnet schools, students from other attendance zones will be able to apply to attend the magnet programs. 
  • If there is more demand for the magnet program than there are seats available at the school, a lottery system will be used. Students that applied will be chosen at random to fill the remaining slots in the magnet program.
  • Students not chosen in the lottery will be able to attend the school in their attendance zone and apply for the magnet program again the following year. 


Why was Fred L. Wilson chosen to receive two magnet programs?

There are several reasons for placing the Global Studies magnet program and the Spanish Language Immersion program at Fred L. Wilson Elementary.


  • The Global Studies and Spanish Language Immersion programs work well together.
  • Fred L. Wilson has the highest percentage of students in KCS that remain at one school for all their years in elementary school. Magnet programs work best in schools where students remain for all six years of elementary school and can complete magnet programs successfully.
  • In 2017, KCS will move its Wee Wonders pre-school program to Woodrow Wilson Elementary, which will free up classrooms at Fred L. Wilson that are currently being used for pre-school students. Having the additional space available at Fred L. Wilson will make more room for students from across the district that would like to attend the magnet programs.

  • Fred L. Wilson has many students that speak Spanish as their native language. This will be very helpful in the Spanish Language Immersion program because Spanish-speaking students will be able to help English-speaking students on days when Spanish is spoken, and English-speaking students can help Spanish speakers on days when English is spoken.
  • The Spanish Language Immersion program will be available only to kindergarten students in 2017. However, the Global Studies program will be open to the entire school beginning in 2017. By pairing the Global Studies program with the Language Immersion program, all students at Fred L. Wilson will have access to a magnet program beginning in 2017. The Spanish Language Immersion program will be phased in at Fred L. Wilson over several years by adding a new class of kindergarten students each year until the program is fully implemented in 2022 (see video above for more info). 


  • If the magnet programs are successful at Fred L. Wilson and G.W. Carver, additional magnet programs can be offered at other KCS elementary schools in future years.


Why was G.W. Carver chosen to receive the A+ Arts Academy?

G.W. Carver Elementary was originally built as a middle school. Therefore, it already has a music room, band room, art room, and appropriate places for dance classes, which would not be available at other schools. In addition, it is a larger building and will have more room to accommodate students from across the district that would like to attend the A+ Arts magnet program.


Won’t these magnet programs be too expensive? How can KCS afford to offer them?

KCS will use outside grants to help supply materials and resources for the new magnet programs. We also will use partnerships to make the new programs possible. KCS will collaborate with the Cabarrus Arts Council and regional arts facilities to support the A+ Arts Academy at G.W. Carver Elementary. We will use our partnership with the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program to support the Global Studies and Spanish Language Immersion programs at Fred L. Wilson. By using outside grants, community partnerships, and collaborations with the VIF program, it will be possible for KCS to make the new magnet programs available to our students and families.


For the language immersion school, will all teachers need to be bi-lingual?

No. In a language immersion program, all subjects are taught on an A-day/B-day schedule. In that format, students receive all their instruction in English on one day and all their instruction in Spanish on the next day. Therefore, English-speaking teachers would teach all subjects in English while Spanish-speaking teachers would teach all subjects in Spanish. Students would be taught by the English-speaking teacher on one day and the Spanish-speaking teacher the next day.


Will the magnet or immersion program continue beyond elementary school?

KCS has plans in place to offer courses at Kannapolis Middle School and A.L. Brown High School that will expand upon the courses being offered in the magnet programs. Students will be able to continue their programs of study when they move to KMS and A.L. Brown.


Will all KCS elementary schools continue to be schools of choice?

In KCS, we value the school choice option and would like to continue it. However, at this point, we do not know the final answer to this question. The district has a committee made up of parents, community members, and staff that is working through all the issues connected with district reconfiguration. We hope to continue choice at all elementary schools, but we cannot give a final answer until the committee finishes its work.


The two new magnet schools being launched in 2017 will be open to students throughout the district. Families from any KCS attendance zone will be able to apply to attend the magnet programs at G.W. Carver and Fred L. Wilson elementary schools.


Do all the students remain with the magnet or immersion program throughout their years of elementary school? 

Yes (in most cases). In other districts, there are some instances of parents pulling their children out of a magnet program. However, in most cases, students remain in the magnet or immersion program for all six years of elementary school.


Beginning in August of 2017, Kannapolis City Schools will move to a new grade configuration. Currently, KCS has five elementary schools (grades K - 4), one intermediate school (grades 5 & 6), one middle school (grades 7& 8), and one high school (grades 9-12). In 2017, KCS will shift to a more traditional grade configuration that includes six elementary schools (grades K-5), one middle school (grades 6 – 8), and one high school (grades 9- 12).   

The new grade pattern will be possible because KCS is constructing a new building next to Kannapolis Middle School. When that building opens in 2017, Kannapolis Middle School will expand to include three grade levels instead of two. In addition, Kannapolis Intermediate School will convert into a K-5 elementary school. It will become the district’s sixth elementary school, and its name will change to G.W. Carver Elementary.


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