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$2.99 Green Screen. makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos and images right on your iPad. You can also use a green background on Explain Everything to make it into a Green Screen background.

Colar Mix. Free but pay $2.99 for more pictures. Coloring sheets that show up as 3D when you hover over them with the App. Some of them have characters on the page move.  One has a worm crawling behind it, etc.  Application:  Color two of the same picture differently. Use for compare/contrast writing 

Aurasma. Free. Similar look to Colar Mix but you create the trigger/response. Easy to make and works better if the students create the video for the response part first. After you've created the video, then select the trigger image from your device.  You'll need a picture that has good sharp constrasting colors.  To create, select video from device then select the trigger image.  When dial goes green, snap the picture. When the user looks at the picture with the Aurasma App, it triggers the video.   Application:  Use to create Visible Thinking assessment videos of students telling you what they know about the content recently studied.  Use as tour markers around your school to give parents and new students information. Aurasma in the Classroom (Pinterest)  Five ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom.  Prezi Aurasma for the Classroom.

Aurasma is like QR on steroids 3:13pm, Weds, Aug 6, 2014 by Stacy

Scribble my story.  Free.  Both paid and free versions.  There is a blank book at the beginning. Story samples have been started for you to work through. There are choices for you to tap and change and at the end it will play back. Numerous stamps, backgrounds, and tools for art work.
3D 4 Medical Anatomy Atlas. $24.99. This App lets students manipulate parts of the body to display pop-up labels that lead to more information. Application:  Used in Anatomy class for students to review material or explore for more information when they finish classwork early.

Be Seated - Free. helps teachers - especially those with a large number of student names to learn - learn student names.  It would work great for a substitute teacher also.  You can try one room for free, otherwise 99 cents for unlimited rooms.  You can move seats around, take pictures of students, and label the 'seats' with their names.

Spacecraft 3D. Free.  Need Marker to show 3D images.  NASA App gives virtual pictures of all the different satellites.  STEM teacher using with students to explore the various shapes and details of satellites.

Teacher Kit is awesome! Teacher Kit allows you to track attendance, behaviors and grades.
You can set up different classes. Use for behavior management tracking for large numbers of students Red bubbles that pop up mean there is a notation. 
example given - pull up behavior and absences to track how student attendance parallels ability to pass tests. Great for taking to conferences. You can track positive behaviors, too.  Teacher kit allows you to export data and is password protected to keep students from viewing data.
Virtual manipulatives for fractions decimals and percents 
has screen tutorials.  There are options such as tiles, circles, opaque colors, snap to grid. Show or hide pieces.   Students can drag manipulatives around. Write on screen, erase. Save, it or take a screen shot.  It has no recording feature.

Google virtual manipulatives to find a web based version of every map manipulative. Must use flash so doesn't work on iPad.

Apps Gone Free Free. gives a short list of apps that are free today. If you make Apps badges available, it will show you a new list of free Apps has arrived. 

Grade cam - Free. print 10 multiple choice bubbles. Can pre bubble with ID number assigned. Teacher can go around the room with the iPad camera and snap photo of the student's responses on the bubble sheet, which will show scores right away.
‚ÄčGradeCam is free! 3:31pm, Weds, Aug 6, 2014 by Lauren

Human Body - $2.99 choose if boy/girl, then choose system to explore.
It gives sounds that go with the system, which middle school students adore.
You can double-tap to get close up.  In the digestive system it burps! and other end, too 
It doesn't have the immune system - just basics.  This works well with middle school students that are very shy about discussing bodily functions.  Great ice breaker for them.  There is another similar App that is free - can't remember the name of it, though.  

iTunes University. Social studies teacher used to select numerous first hand accounts for WWII.  There were narratives by holocaust, pacific theatre, european theatre that were first hand accounts. You can hear several people's point of view for same event to compare/contrast.  They are about 3 minutes long. Most of these people from WWII will not be with us longer so it is a great resource to have available.
iTunes University has NUMEROUS courses available in other subject areas, too.

Zello.Zello walkie talkie is real name. Works on Android and iPhone (not iPad). Turns smart phone into walkie talkie. Application.  Used on a field trip. All students/teachers downloaded it. One person sets up channel, all join. Only people on channel can hear.  It's a great way to communicate any place that you need multi-channels. Communicating on field day is another great example. Also calling for bus riders or using on a bus trip for multi-bus trip narration (...on your left you will see the Dale Earnhardt statue.)

Heytell - walkie talkie meets text message.  Some folks using to talk to families in other countries this way.  It's the modern version of a portable ham radio.  Application of either Zello walkie talkie or Heytell:  Use for safety purposes in a school crisis.

Simple transfer. Free. Gives you an iP address. You go to a computer and add the IP address. Check off pictures from App that you want to move. Instant transfer!

Stick Pick. $2.99 Set up class. When you choose your stick, it will give you question steps for the Blooms level that you've set up. 

Mashup of Photo Maps (99 cents) and Book Creator $4.99).
Photo Maps  - make postcards with maps, gives GPS coordinates, has picture and map.
Then export to Camera Roll and import into Book Creator $4.99 to make collection of student work.  Application:  Take all pictures from a field trip and decide which is the best representation of the trip.  Bring photo into Photo Maps, and obtain the map coordinates for the place students visited.  (To differentiate, have gifted students find own coordinates, give coordinates to lower students, demonstrate how to find coordinates to average students).  Have students describe photo/field trip in the three lines that are under the picture.
Touchcast Free App.
Can make an interactive video. Downloaded software will give you even more options. There is a YouTube video tutorial.  Basically, when the graphic comes up, when you tap it and it goes to resource/information.  Explore the videos that others have created on the website. There are great examples of a teacher that made sub lesson plans on the video. You can embed polling tool, thinglink, and other resources like google docs in the video.
could use for flipping the classroom.   Application:  It's like having another "you" .  I can create movies of cool things that I don't have time to share with teachers and it would give me a way to share those things interactively. 
Use as a translator for repeat events like kindergarten registration, lunch menu, or health 

Google Suite of toolsGoogle docs and sheets are live. Everybody can go to a spreadsheet and enter their data. It updates instantly.3:53pm,

Drone. Bought through Apple store for $299. Two shells - outdoor and indoor. 
It's a battery hog - the battery life is 18-20 minutes. One battery operates four different motors, creates it own wi-fi network, also operates it's own hd camera and sends camera feed back. While flying you can record video, snap pictures and can post to YouTube.
Don't open app before you turn it on. get wifi connected and join the Drone's network.  When you get four beeps from it, it is ready to fly.  Pressing the Take Off button makes it go up.  Land it makes it go down.  A double click on the Take Off button will make it flip.  You must have 30% of the battery left to do this.  There are other buttons on the screen that control up/down forward/backwards.  Go to the website to see about the engineering and design process - pretty cool.  The 3.0 version has GPS on it.  Open the app and tell it the coordinates. It will go to those coordinates and then come back to you. One caution - Must be mindful of flying it around populated areas. It is rude to be flying close to houses with a camera activated drone!

Kids Discover Washington DC $3.99 is a great app if your kids go or if they just study DC at all. Augmented reality of monuments, readings, etc  by Lauren
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