1 iPad in the Classroom - Now What?


One iPad in Teacher Hands

A. Projection

B. Teacher Productivity
C. Teaching

One iPad in Student Hands

A. What to think about before you begin a project:
  1. Does this fit the standards and objectives?
  2. What can I do with this that is only possible on this device, or much simpler? Think about integrated photo and video capabilities.
  3. Choose an app...   Consider a. Ease of Use and b. Choices for an end product (email, save as a photo, view online)
B. Guided Access - Lock the students into one app.     
  • One Time Setup - Enable Guided Access
  • Settings, General, Accessibility, Guided Access
  • Turn Guided Access ON
  • Set the Passcode
  • To Start Guided Access
  • Triple click the home button
  • Choose Start in the upper right
  • If you have not already set a passcode it will ask you for a 4 digit code
  • To Stop Guided Access
  • Triple click the home button
  • Put in your 4-digit code
  • Choose End in the upper left

C. Organizing

  • Class Project - One person's job at a time
  • Put it in a center
  • Schedule a certain number of students each day
  • When students are ready to record, have them add their name to the list. As one finishes they pass the iPad to the next student on the list.
  • If students are recording, where can they go to get a relatively quiet spot?

D. Quick Access - Don't waste time.  Use QR codes to get students directly to the page that they need. QR Code Reader, QR Code Generator

  • Class webpage
  • Sites for research
  • Reading website that you use frequently
  • Specific Google doc for a group project

E. Project ideas

Assessment or Check for Understanding - Have students in a center use Educreations to record themselves solving a problem or writing.

HowTo Recording - Have early finishers record a how to video to post as homework help on your website.

Class Projects - Create a class journal or blog with a reporter of the day.  Use photos or videos to explain a vocabulary word.

Class Photographer/Videographer - have students pick one photo to write about.

Fluency - Use the teleprompter app to practice continuous reading.

Use the video camera to record reading - beginning and end of year.

Motivator - Use ColAR Mix to show student samples in 3D.  For instance, color for different moods.


 App Name Cost Comments
 AppsGoneFree  Free  Different apps every day that are free
 Haiku Deck  Free  Photo search embedded. Encourages limited text.
 PicPlayPost  Free  Collage style page. Can include video clips
 Story Kit  Free  Create a book
 Book Creator  $4.99  More options for getting the book out.
 ColAR Mix  Free  3D from coloring pages.  A few pages are free.
 Visualize  Free  Free version limits to 3 pages
 ComicBook  $1.99  Add special effects, speech bubbles, etc to pictures.
 FunSlides  $0.99  Super simple... pictures, add text, voice over.  Reminds me of PhotoStory.

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