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An Emerging Technology User  
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My Level: Using technology tools to replace non-digital tools and using some of the added functions.

My Mantra: "I am comfortable using technology but mostly use technology for personal and administrative tasks."

I need some technology support and hand holding.
  • Needs step-by-step instructions
  • Manages basic word processing tasks
  • Thinks adding clip art to a document makes them an advanced user
  • Checks their email at least daily
  • Uses the same exact programs and activities they used ten years ago
  • Will try to use technology but gives up if anything goes wrong


  • Turning on a data projector to display Interactive Whiteboard
  • Uses templates found online or shared from a colleague  
  • Asks the Technology Facilitator for App suggestion for specific tasks
  • Using their iPad only for personal or admin tasks
  • Mostly doing research with students in computer lab
Request for Tech Support sounds like:
  • My computer is broke and Yes, I rebooted already.
  • The Internet is down.  I tried it on three computers!
  • I followed your directions and it still doesn't work.
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