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Erik Palmer

Are we assessing on things we have not taught?

Before using the technology..... 
Well Spoken - how to teach kids to,speak well
Building a speech
   Audience, content, organization, visual aids, appearance
Performing a speech
   Poise, Voice, life, eye contact, gestures, speed

Talk to a camera to practice

www.pvlegs.com - his website for teaching speaking

CREATING DIGITAL RICH CLASSROOMS: Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
Meg Ormiston

Backchanneling - 
   Take time to set the norms, what's ok and not
 SAMR Model
   Modification (redesigning instruction)
   Redefinition ( get outside the door of classroom)

Create something, photograph it and write about it
then posted on kidblog and others can comment on it

#comments4kids  twitter to get comments
@megormi  she will retweet to get comments

Teachingchannel.com for great examples
kidzone - create a graph

Google forms - show summary of data to see graphs

Teacher holds a Family meeting on twitter for an hour on Sunday

Principal uses ipad to snap pictures during the day and tweets out happenings in school.  Parents can follow...

We can't just substitute a digital option and do the same thing we have always done -
An iPad is not a $500 flash card

DIGITAL STORYTELLING meets the Common Core
Kathy Schrock

Playback is an app - educreations with face embeded

A gazillion resources about digital storytelling and apps/web 2.0 resources to do digital storytelling.

The WEB 2.0 You Might Not Know About
Leslie Fisher

infuselearning.com - online student response - great for BYOD
fur.ly - multiple url shortener- makes pull down

class messenger - quick communications to parents

http://www.newsela.com/ - multiple lexile levels of same article

Google Docs - Group note taking - have a primary notetaker, secondary cleans it up

photo pin - Creative Commons photo search

Narrable.com - Online storytelling, narrate for each picture

When kids create for other kids they want it to be good, when they create for me they want it to be good enough.

Infusing Technology into the Common Core
Letia Cooper

Didn't make it to this one, but the handout looks great and she has a monthly calendar with a different resource daily.

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