DIY Touch Tables for Kids

  • Consumer tables run about $4,000 each
  • Build your own cost runs around $1,500 each

Part Description

Part Number/Name



Peau Productions 32" Touch Overlay

G4 32 Touch Points


$ 913.00

32" Led TV



$ 267.99

12v deep cycle battery



$ 83.97

Battery Box



$ 7.57

12v battery charger


Harbor Freight

$ 29.99

400 watt power inverter


Harbor Freight

$ 22.99

Alert stamping Retractable power cord



$ 45.55

Coolerguys dual USB cooling fans

80mm Fans


$ 15.75

2 cans of Rustoleum gloss black paint(spray can)


Ace Hardware

$ 8.98

3" swivel Casters


Harbor Freight

$ 19.90

24" x 72" Foam roll



$ 16.97

Nuts and bolts for mounting TV


Ace Hardware

$ 3.45

Vinyl fabric

Black Vinyl 3 yards

Hobby Lobby

$ 6.99

Black cloth

Black cloth 3 yards

Hobby Lobby

$ 6.98

Folding Support



$ 2.97




$ 1,453.05


Google Chromebooks

General Information:
Nexus tablets are current front runners for tablets but not large enough screen for testing.  Ne.w Samsung coming out in April..estimated price is $300 range
Speech recognition is built in.  Anytime the microphone button is showing on keyboard you can do speech recognition. To do hands-free operation, install Hot Keys for Google Chrome
Multiple users on one device is possible

Ask google wil respond back. "OK, Google" activates a Siri-type response.  OK, Google is a voice extension.  Do a Google Search to find it.

Web Resources:
Google connected classrooms...connect to other classrooms or speakers in a Google Hang Out.
Google Education - online STEM resources provided by Google
You tube for schools - biggest complaint is not enough content.

Chromebooks in NC - John Warf:
There are currently 60 to 70 thousand Chromebooks used in NC schools.  They are popular because they are cheap, lightweight, fast and access the internet.  There is no software to support, the backups are automatic,  they are imaged by log in, and managed through a console (If you pay the $30 management fee.  The Device management is integrated into the Google admin tools.
Google is HIPA compliant

Be aware that any settings pushed  to chrome books will be held in the chrome browser, too
Settings. Select apps...block all except for the ones the school system allows
Pinned apps and extensions..determines which apps to put on start up bar.
Incognito mode...not for students. Does not track settings.
Always enable safe browsing.
Blacklist..use when testing.
K2 students, set up bookmarks and lock it.
Screen shot, on Chromebooks is like the Mac...control plus 3.

Apps and extensions...instantaneous with no restart required
Extensions are short cut buttons across bar. An example is creator

Web apps are used entirely within your browser. They Sync with both chrome books and chrome browser on a laptop.  Here are some of the top choices:
  • WeVideo in place of iMovie
  • Go Animate to do elementary animations
  • Geogebra is geometry and graphig software
  • Google forms...walk throughs, exit tickets
  • PicMonkey for photo editing
  • Pixar o matic.....darkroom effects
  • EBook readers like magicScroll run offline so can read without being connected
  • Read and write for google docs...paid subscription but gives picture dictionary that reads words.
  • Mind mapping use connected mind
  • 3D solar system
  • Sticky notes travels with log-in
  • Google Docs Offline and gmail offline are for students that don't have web access at home.  These Apps automatically sync as soon as the Chromebook logs in to the web

Scripting presentation from Union County Schools

Google Scripting is using Java script code to make Google work how you want it to do.
Some Poplar Scripts are:
  • Flubaroo - grading formative assessments It uses Google forms as quizzes, then runs a script to grade.
  • Doctopus - gives differentiated feedback.  Need a Google spreadsheet and script  You can coach students throughout process then embargo for grading
  • Sort form responses - You will need a spreadsheet and the sort form response script.  The script will continue to sort after the original sort whenever new data is added
  • GClass folders - Organizes student work in folders.  You need a blank Spreadsheet and the gClass script.  It makes four folders  (teacher resources, view, edit, and student work) for the  teacher.  A student only gets view, edit, student
  • Autocrat - like mail merge.  You need a Google Form or Spread Sheet, a pre made document, email addresses, and a script.  Could use as a teacher walk thru that auto-sends when finished.
  • Creator - shortens web addresses
  • Form Ranger - dynamically updates forms on spreadsheet (Session sign ups, tests)  Pivot table can be dynamic on website by copying html code.
  • Form emailer - Use for award ceremony, mentor/mentee conference summary
  • Auto schedule  - helps schedule events
  • Appointment slots - schedule carts or time slots for teacher conferences. Puts time on my calendar and the appointees calendar, too.