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Using iMovie Trailers to Ignite Reading
Amy Vedeilis, Nancy Goodnight, & Becky Goddard (Rowan Salisbury Schools)

Use to iMovie Trailers to:
  • Preview books 
  • promote reading
  • Show mastery of story elements
  • Promote books on morning broadcast
  • Promote Book Fair
The process:
Use rubrics and templates to make it easy on students & teachers
Approximate Timeline:
Pre planning - allow 60 minutes
Read the book - allow 60-90 minutes
Create the storyboard - allow 1-3 hours
Create the trailer - 1-2 hours (more the first time)
Publish - 1 hour (including final conference)
Sharing - 1 hour - 1 day, depending on sharing style.  If sharing like a theatre opening with popcorn it takes longer.


Teacher does a final approval conference with student to make sure the trailer matches their storyboard
Grade against a skill-based rubric

Exporting tips:
Export trailer to Camera Roll and reinsert into iMovie on Mac to download. 
Export new iMovie to iTunes and use file sharing..
Export using Airdrop or Vimeo

Integrating Technology into the Spanish Classroom 
Maria Christina de Mitma
They used free web 2.0 tools for instruction.
Edmodo - Edmodo.com (tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzXt4PqZvd0)
Live Binders - Livebinders.com (tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6BjL5ebueI)
Class Dojo - https://teach.classdojo.com/login
(tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f23bnZaWHNE)
Padlet - padlet.com (tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuzciL8qCYM)
Kid Blog - kidblog.com (tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roExUsoFKRA)

Leslie Fisher -
  iOS Support Group
Livescribe3 Pen  $149, paper $10 - can send notes via bluetooth to devices and Evernote, Dropbox, etc.
Screenleap.com - share the screen of tablets, cell phones via code
quickscreenshare.com - share desktop screen
cel.ly - one to many, many to one, many to many texting without phone number being displayed.
infuselearning.com - free student response
Remind 101 - Anonymous communication group (also App)
Fur.ly - creates a drop down list of URLs (good for use with young students)
Signupgenius.com - Has templates for google forms
Eventbrite.com  - prints name tags for registered events.
Doodle - Use this when trying to schedule events with numerous busy people
Small demons.com - Story Verse takes book and makes like magazine

Tinkering, Tablets, and Tots - Tablets in Primary Classrooms
Gail Lovely
Used Sharing Box to describe iPad box with arrow for exporting work
17% of children under the age of 8 use mobile technology at least once a day.  
It is not the App that counts, it's how you use the App!
When it is right you will know it by the sparkle in their eye and the joy in their heart.
  • Select Apps that are interactive, age appropriate, and the interface is also age appropriate.
  • Consider whether the Apps are best for individual use or collaborative use
  • Consider how products created are managed (exported)
  • Stay engaged with children while they are interacting with the mobile screen

  • Drop off iPad with a Community Worker and Facetime with them
  • Use Book Creator to make individual Word Wall or Math Mastery books
  • Use Art Set ($.99) to create illustrations (large variety of colors and media to use)
  • Monster Music (free) compositions are created on open staff with monster faces.  Saved within the App.
  • Easy Blogger, Jr. ($3.99) can blog with voice-over-photos and videos instead of just text.
  • Explain Everything - can import 'live' web page to annotate.  (Freezes page when App is saved.)
Promote Digital Literacy by using the camera 
  • First take the picture
  • Ask permission of you use someone else's picture
  • Talk about the photos
  • Create something new with the photos (collage, book)
  • Share your final product with others
Engage Students with STEM and Citizenship Science
Jennifer Giuffre and Amber Buehler
These are STEM projects that include science logging and reporting.  Lots of nature counting and logging activities.  Download links here.

Scanapalooza (Using QR Codes)
Nikki Jones and Meghan Ship
Used Fist to Five to determine classroom knowledge level (fist = I know nothing, five fingers = I could teach this)
Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom
Here is their Prezi 
Here is their Symbaloo
Basic QR Codes - Example do math problem - scan QR code to self-check answer
QR Stuff - Create QR codes linked to text, URLs, videos, Dropbox files, email, Twitter, Google Maps, etc.)
Delivr - Create editable QR Codes.  Great for daily exit tickets, information for parents.
QR Code Maker - Create QR Codes linked to pdf or doc text and photo files 
QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator - Make a QR Code Scavenger Hunt with this simple question and answer QR Code generator.
Visual Lead - create QR Codes that are visually appealing by adding pictures or logos.
Guess Who? - Give three clues about person, then create a Scannable QR code to bring up picture of the person.

Next Level - Scavenger Hunt QR Codes, Survey Questions (to create database of info)
Blendspace - a Place to collect and share multimedia resources visually
Video Scribe (computer version is free for 14 days.  Do not recommend iPad version!)

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